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Venture Capital
Facilitating learning, recruiting, and networking for anyone interested in Venture Capital at Georgia Tech.
Our Story
The Georgia Tech Venture Capital Club was founded to help raise awareness for career opportunities in Venture Capital and related Financial Services. Additionally, the club helps members get hands on experience and educates members about the venture capital industry.
Why Join GTVC?
Research analysts report directly to the sector head, conduct due diligence, do thematic research, and present to venture capitalists.
Research Analyst
This role is a liaison between research analysts and the director of research. Sector heads lead research, assign tasks to analysts, guide due diligence processes, and structure reports/deliverables.
Sector Head
General Members have access to the speaker series and all communication with a better platform for being recruited as a research analyst in the following semesters.
General Member
Our Events
January 23rd, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Sean O' Brien and Michael Cohn
Speaker 1
Scheller 103
February 6th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Jake Kohler
Speaker 3
Scheller 103
February 20th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Lisa Calhoun
Speaker 4
Scheller 103
March 6th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Jonathan King
Speaker 5
IC 109
March 27th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Deep and Complex Problems in Tech
Speaker 4
IC 109
January 30th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Jack Semrau
Speaker 2
Scheller 103
February 13th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Curriculum 1
Scheller 103
February 27th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Product & Team: Seth Radman
Curriculum 2
IC 109
March 13th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Market Sizing + Milestone Metrics: Scott Lopano
Curriculum 3
IC 109
April 3rd, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Abhinaya Konduru
Speaker 6
IC 109
April 24th, 2023 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Final Event
Join us at our final event to learn about the research our sectors completed this semester
Scheller 100
Explore Our Diverse Sectors
Climate Tech
This sector explores Climate Technology startups that use the application of technology to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
The consumer sector refers to companies that produce and sell goods and services directly to individuals for their personal use.
The crypto sector includes companies and organizations involved in the development, research, trading, and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
The cybersecurity sector is a rapidly growing industry that deals with the protection of digital information and systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
The sustainability sector is a broad industry that encompasses companies, organizations and initiatives that work towards promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices.
Healthtech, also known as digital health, is a rapidly growing industry that encompasses the use of technology to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.
Deep Tech
Deep tech refers to a category of technology that is based on scientific breakthroughs and engineering innovations.
Supply Chain
The supply chain sector refers to the system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in creating and delivering a product or service from the raw materials stage to the end customer.
Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that uses technology to improve and automate financial services.
The Team
Elaine Wen
Vice President
Mila Patel
Director of External Relations
Drake Oakhill
Director of Growth
Xander Coles
Director of Fund
Adithya Gurunathan
Director of Research
Chris Hur
Director of Curriculum
Tejal Dahake
Director of Marketing
Yatharth Bhargava
Director of Administration
Kushagra Gupta
Community PM
Amanda Ehrenhalt
Community PM
Pearl Dumbu
Administration PM
Katelyn Lam